Thomas Styles

Thomas Styles earned his B.S. in elementary education and Mathematics and his M.S. in Developmental Reading. He taught in elementary and junior high schools for twelve years before launching his own childcare enterprise, TSL Kids Crew, which has operated since 2009. He has has a passion for writing stories since he was a teenager, as it was a hobby and skill for which he realized at a young age he had a knack for and loved. He has two grown children and has traveled extensively around the world. He writes under the pen name T.A. Styles to present his more gritty work, and also under the pen name Thomas Styles to present lighter fare fiction. 


Make a child safe, save a life.

fortress cover

We, the orphans of the new world, pledge to: do our best, work together, defend our home, live and die for one another, love, lead, remember. We are the fortress, and the fortress is us.

Monsters rarely stay dead and buried. They have a way of reaching for you from the grave.

This house can sure enough be our fortress, but there is also a fortress inside of us, and from there a kingdom can rise.

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