Eric Long is a devoted father of three boys who he is helping to navigate a traumatic loss. Their loving mother and his wife, Sarah, has recently passed away.

When a stranger, Martin, unexpectedly appears in their lives, Eric’s oldest son, thirteen-year-old Caz, is curious about the man. The owner of a spiritual self-help clinic called Transform, Martin encourages them to join his support group to heal.

But what really goes on at Transform? What is Martin’s motive for helping the family?

These are the questions Eric seeks to have answered as Caz begins to experience strange phenomenon in his coming to age, including an ability to astral project his conscious being.
Abilities that he has had for many years unbeknownst to Eric.

Does Martin and Transform hold the answers to Caz’s past and future?

As their journey continues, a new world unfolds before Eric’s eyes. A world he is skeptical of but that will threaten their lives when a dangerous man named Alec Sway emerges from his wife’s past.

It’s up to Eric to keep his family safe as he strives to uncover the truth about his wife’s secret past, Caz’s new powers, and the ties that bind them.

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