The fight for a new way of life has begun.

Two months after Vash’s fall, and with the return of Sky’s Uncle Mike and his men, the orphans of the fortress are ready to forge the kingdom initiative, designed to create a territorial government that will pave the way to a new future.  

With the help of an underground community known as the moles, and another group called the preserve, the people of the heights and the fortress unite to set their plans for the future in motion. But a new enemy lurks in the shadows, threatening to  unravel all of their carefully laid plans.

Kane, once a local drug lord and criminal, has taken control of a nearby island. With his vast army of soldiers, he has plans for a future of his own. A future very different from the world envisioned by Sim when he set out to save the orphans years before. Sim’s life—the fortress—had been dedicated to raising up leaders capable of reawakening the world with love and leaders, not destroying what was left of humanity with a cruel dictatorship.

This time, it’s not only the orphans of the fortress whose survival is at stake, but everyone in their community who stand to suffer under Kane’s tyranny. They will have to rally together and fight for the future they’ve worked so hard to build or risk losing everything.

Will Kane ruin their plans for a new world, or will the kingdom rise?

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