revenant book

Monsters rarely stay dead and buried. They have a way of reaching for you past the grave.
Sim had warned them about strangers. But Sim is gone and the remaining orphans are creating a new life – and new rules – for themselves.
In the months since Zagan’s defeat, the fortress has become a beacon of hope for those seeking asylum from the dangers of the fallen world. When travelers led by a man named Vash show up at the fortress doorsteps, the kids follow their new protocol: they welcome the strangers, peculiar as they may be, and send them on to Charlie at the heights.
Little do the orphans know that the arrival of Vash and his group will unravel everything they hold dear.
What started as a subtle encounter spirals into a psychological game of terror as the fortress comes under attack, this time by a group that uses stealth and deceit to exact revenge for Zagan’s death. If the orphans hope to survive, they must remember everything that Sim taught them even as the enemy aims to break them down, take away their hope, and tear them apart.
Will they rise to the challenge, or will the revenant of their past come to claim them, one by one?

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