Above and Beyond

Transcendence Press is a reflection of motivation, hard work, and empowerment. After owning and operating a small business childcare operation for the better part of two decades, it made sense in the spirit of successful entrepreneurship for me to continue the journey of “doing it myself” by circumventing the traditional process of waiting for others to employ me, or discover me. Why do I need to do that? After all, no matter what road I take, the end game is the same. It’s only the means to the end that is different. Over the course of time I revised the adage “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself,” to “If you want something done at all, do it yourself.” When it came to carving out a living, seizing what I wanted instead of asking for what I wanted became a better option. Ultimately, the same held true for my goals with the writing and publishing industry.

Transcendence Press rose from the depths of desire, a strong philosophy of life, and a conviction that creating a press to publish my novels was going to spearhead yet another successful business endeavor for me. I am excited to be working with a great team of people who are helping to elevate my writing by challenging me, teaching me, being staunch critics of my work, and being with me to see my vision through. I’m looking forward to many great works of fiction across several planned series and standalones to rise from Transcendence Press and take me above and beyond what I ever thought possible.

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